Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Read this before you make any decisions!

First, I would like to start off mentioning that I am enrolled in ClickBank University.  So what you are about to read is my honest, personal experience.  I am not basing my review on what I read from someone, I am actually going through the program. So with that, let's start the review!

You probably have heard of Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan.  If not, just Google them. They have become very successful with selling products on ClickBank (a world leader in performance marketing of digital products, with six million clients and distribution in 190 countries).  In fact they are so successful they partnered with ClickBank to create and head the ClickBank University where they teach students how to follow their passion and create a digital product(s) or promote an existing affiliate product in their desire niche(s).

The cost to join ClickBank University is $47/month.  This is a big drop from the $97/month they use to charge roughly a year ago.  There is an upsell of $297 for the Builder, which is absolutely worth every penny! This Builder that ClickBank offers is a dream come true to anyone who wants to create their own digital product and then basically put it on autopilot. The product the user creates is then integrated with the Clickbank Marketplace to make selling the product easier.  The Builder essentially makes creating sales pages, affiliate pages, opt-in pages, thank you and product delivery pages a breeze.  All those pages I mentioned are hosted by ClickBank (free of charge) so there is no need to purchase separate Hosting, nor do you need to purchase a domain name since they include that with the Builder as well.  I think Adam, Justin and ClickBank knocked it out of the park with the Builder. So in my opinion, if you are serious about creating and selling your own digital products online this is a must have.  Now for the bad news, you can only get access to the Builder by joining ClickBank University.  The Builder is NOT for sale to the public.  There is no way to purchase it separately.  So if you want to Join ClickBank University now click on the link below:


The training center in ClickBank University is very organized. There is training for those who only want to focus on becoming vendors (create their own product) and there is training for those who want to be affiliates (promote other ClickBank product).  You can, of course do both if you choose. The training is set up for students to focus on one main task a week. You finish that task and then start the next task the next week.  The program is set up in a way so you can finish your training and have your own digital product created and uploaded on ClickBank in 8 weeks.  There are training videos and written instructions that accompany each task.  And there are also live weekly webinars where Justin and Adam share their proven marketing strategies and believe me they have a wealth of knowledge. The webinars are even recorded if you can't attend the live ones.  If we have any questions during the live webinars Justin and Adam will answer them.  They also answer questions on their Facebook pages anytime. ClickBank University also has other staff members who quickly answer questions as well.  And if you still find yourself not knowing what next steps to take, there is a great community of students who are always willing to help each other out. Another fun thing and one of the coolest perks about being in ClickBank University, is they have a giveaway where they name "Student of the Month".  That person gets a private 30-minute phone call from Justin and Adam.  What a great chance to pick their brains!!!

Overall, I think ClickBank University is worth the $47.  If you are sick and tired of throwing money away on this program or that system only to still find yourself in the same place, then you need to join the ClickBank University.  The knowledge you will learn from Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan will change your life.  They've made millions and they know what they're doing.  And why wouldn't you want to learn from someone who can truly guide you to success!  I joined and I have absolutely no regrets!

Click the link below to Join ClickBank University.  I'd do it today, who knows when they will raise the price again! There will be a short video to watch and then they will take you to the sign up page.   JOIN HERE:

Keep aiming higher!

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